Think About It! Sexual Integrity Program

740,000 Teen Pregnancies Per Year


This informative program is desined to prevernt teenage pregnancy through:

  • Use of medically accurate information about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unplanned pregnancy and prevention methods, with an emphasis on the emotional, physical and social benefits of saving sex for a committed relationshi such as marriage
  • Providing skills for making and living out responsible decisions about their sexual health
  • Encouraging students to talk to their parents or guardians about their sexuality

STI's 19 Million New Contractions Each Year


Multiple presentation days with each presentation lasting approximately 45 mintues:

  • Sex & Your Health
  • Sex & Your Future
  • Sex & the Media
  • Healthy Dating & Relationships

Truth Integerity Love Empowerment


"I learned what love really is and what it means to really love someone. [Reality Check] made me really want to wait for the next time I have sex. I want it to be with my husband, not just a boyfriend." 17 year old | female

"Don't settle for less, you're worth more." 15 year old | male

"I learned that it is not normal to be touched all of the itme and that it's not too late to set boundaries and stop the sexual activity. This presentation opened my eyes to respect myself more and have boundaries. I had forgetten about my boundaries I had set before and I am now going to use them again." 15 year old | female

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.